Power Bank Lantern


Lantern, Light charger.Excellent Sponsor gift!

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5″ long A Unique 500 Lumen Power Bank Lantern-Flashlight- Handheld Flashlight With Hanging integrated hook. Power Bank+ 800 MAH Battery. Four different Light modes for Lantern and an adjustable beam for the flashlight.
* Body Light is Lantern
* 4 Light Modes -100% Bright- 120 Lumen -50% Bright – 60 Lumen -10% Bright – Night Lamp Mode – 20 Lumen (Night Light Mode) -Red Light Flashing
* Adjustable Focus Flashlight -500 Lumen
* Power Bank-1800 MAH
* Bottom Light is Flashlight – 500 Lumen Solid White Beam – Adjustable Flashlight Beam ( Push forward on the flashlight head for a narrow beam. Pull backward for a wide beam)
* Power Bank + Rechargeable – 1800 MAH Battery ( Charge devices with the integrated power bank. Plug the charging cable for your device into the USB port)
* USB Charging Cable Included ( Recharge the light with the micro USB cable)
* Integrated Folding Hook for Hanging