About Us at OMP

Many customers refer to us as “Banquet in a Box” since we offer everything needed to merchandise the entire banquet. From Door prizes, Raffle incentives, Raffle Games ,Sponsor gifts to high end Auction items. We offer a full line of Wildlife image Furniture built from solid Woods such as ASH,CEDAR and PINE.  Need ideas ?   Call (906) 563-5464

Many Products are Handmade in Michigan’s U P.

With a deep love for the Created Outdoors and a lifetime of Outdoor Experiences, it was a natural transition for Frank to want to give back to what has been so important over the years. Beginning as a Volunteer in 1984 as a Committee member for several Conservation groups developing fundraising events and personally conducting Disabled Children Hunts, the Outdoor Conservation became a full time career in 1997.

With over 35 years experience in Manufacturing he draws from his creative side to develop unique products at low costs to support fundraising events across the country.